Giants In The Land

Giants In The LandNamed one of the Top 40 children’s books ever written by Yankee Magazine.

From the Jacket:

There were giants living
in this land once. Giants whose topmost branches rose high into the air. Giant trees that stood taller than an apartment house 25 stories high, taller than the tallest building ever built in New Hampshire or Maine. Giant pine trees that had grown in the New England woods for thousands of years.”

So begins a lyrical account of New England’s pine trees, the way they were harvested, and the uses to which they were put.

Prized for their lumber, most giant pine trees were branded as property of the King of England and used for masts on ships in the Royal Navy. The process by which these magnificent trees were chopped down and transported hundreds of miles by teams of oxen and boats is vividly described in this stunningly illustrated book.


“An outstandingly handsome and interesting book.”
Kirkus Reviews



Booklist Magazine “Top of the List,” and best nonfiction book for juveniles published in 1993.

Named one of the Top 40 children’s books ever written by Yankee Magazine

The American Library Association named ‘Giants’ a Notable Book.

School Library Journal named ‘Giants’ a Best Book.

The Virginia Library Association awarded ‘Giants’ the Jefferson Cup as a 1994 Honor Book.

Publishers Weekly called Giants imaginative in a starred review.

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books called ‘Giants’ “Dramatic,” and awarded it a blue ribbon.



The Boston Globe reports the inclusion of ‘Giants’ on the Yankee Magazine list of the all-time greatest children’s books. (12/3/00)