Fifteenth century nationalism

Posted by dianamuir on November 24, 2013

English “nationalism in its fullest sense was the product of the fifteenth century.”  (p. 79)  John Barnie, War in Medieval Society: Social Values and the Hundred Years War, London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1974.

Patrick Collinson, describes Barnie’s take on nationalism as “a people’s awareness and articulation of its collective identity, based on common racial, linguistic, and geographic factors.  Barnie thinks it vain to look for this in the fourteenth century, where there is  evidence only of ‘a crude form of patriotism’.”  Collinson, Patrick, “Biblical Rhetoric:  the Englishnation and national sentiment in the prophetic mode,” in Religion and Culture in Renaissance England, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1997,   p. 37





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