Cocoa Ice

Cocoa Ice Cover“A marvelously rich and appealing picture book.” –School Library Journal

From the Jacket:

On the island of Santo Domingo, the sun bakes the earth until it is hot and steamy like a roasted plantain. In Maine, cold can have so hard a grip that rivers freeze thick and clear.

What could children from two such very different places have in common? The deliciously satisfying answer, presented here with cut paper pictures of tropical islands and New England villages, is given by the voices of two girls — linked together by a sailor, a gift for imagining life in faraway places, and a taste for iced chocolate.



“Appelbaum spins a fine story… A tasty treat.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The best tales of long ago tell us much about our own time. This picture book of intertwined lives in the 19th century proves the point beautifully.”



The Maine Library Association named ‘Cocoa Ice’ an Honor Book for 1997, and a recipient of the Lupine Award.